Should we start a petition to change the 5 ball back to orange again?


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Who is the rocket scientist messing with Willies game, WTF.
Change all the red snooker balls to purple, Soccer balls to clear,,,, Snooker cloth to Burnt Sienna.. GFY.
Change their dart boards to complete solid black . GFY.
Change the name of the Tour de France, to Tour de GFY.
Serve cold beer.
Did I mention...GFY ?
I smell sheep in wolves clothing.
Maybe they will tear down the Cenotaph or Churuchill.

Brunswick,,,,Since 1845, The 4 is purple, 5 is orange ....GFY..........When colors change women are involved.



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I’m the wrong guy to start a online petition because I don’t know how to use the interwebs that good.

But I’m a life long pool player and gambler. The “orange crush” is the 5 and the break. Who wants a “grape crush”?

If we get a petition started I’ll deliver it to Karl Boyes of MR as I’ve know him for 15 years. Or at the very least he can point me in the right direction and we can create a voice loud enough to correct this tragic assault on pool as we know it.

I fully support MR and everything they are doing in pool, I believe we all should get behind them and support their effort. They play players, create content, will give rail birds something to bet on.

Everything but purple 5 balls.

It’s a necessary change to restore what little order we had in pool. None of us ever complained about the 5 ball. God knows we have argued everything else into the ground 10X over. But show me one thread about how bad the orange 5 is. We all have common ground the orange 5 was correct. Possibly the only thing in pool that has been correct all these years.

We can start a international movement here, now is our chance.

Fatboy<——-making the 5 orange again

Tastes pretty good to me


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Why Don't get people and poolrooms around the globe to sign up on a group buy from Aramith?
I easy take 50 set of their new Tournament TV Cup Black if the colors are corrected.


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ill start it off .. until we go back to traditional colors which can be seen just fine on tv.

i will not pay to watch any billiards with off color balls.
Isn't this the original reason they changed them? Modern broadcasts don't have that problem any more. It's like daylight savings time, no longer necessary. Another vote for traditional-

I do like the measle cue ball as well-



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Agreed, I’ll sign.

If one was to seriously approach MR with a request/petition, the best angle would be for the purpose of “standardization”, which they are apparently into. The vast majority of pool is played with traditional colors, and seems vast majority of players & enthusiasts prefer them also, and modern HD TV/streaming has no need for the skittles or any other oddball colors. Seems like a fairly strong argument to raise.

Next, we can argue standard cloth colors for tournaments. For some reason, I don’t really mind as much there - TB, classic green & the new grey fad are all fine by me.


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Matchbook's translation of "standardization"...

We want the monopoly on professional 9 ball.

I also prefer the standard ball colors...

David in FL

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Lord have mercy!!! With enough people like you Matchroom might just give up on pool all together. Then you can watch all of the APA matches you can handle with your precious orange 5 ball.

Orrrrrrrr, maybe, just maybe, you can use that brain thing between your ears to learn a new color scheme. I know, I know, that's asking a lot out of you. I'm sorry...
Why is it easier to learn new colors than it is to remember the ones that have always been?


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The orange five is what I want but if the five has to be another color for some dumb assed reason I'm unaware of don't make it the color that the four ball is suppose to be. While watching these matches I'm always yelling: your shooting at the wrong ball.