Show us your cubes.


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I think that I got as much as I could from this one.


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No chalk handy to photograph. I use the instep of the foot method to spin the cue and watch carefully, stopping when I get the first wisps of smoke distinguishable from the haze of blue chalk dust filling the air. Alternately, I spin until the chalk gets too hot to hold.

I like to put the cube on the ground and pinch it between my feet. Then I simply turn my cue upside down and twist it between my palms. I have found the extra weight of the cue on the cube adds a thicker layer of chalk. If I don't see a puff of blue floating away after every shot I know I didnt chalk well.


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Here is mine, it's been in use for a week or two. When it gets worn to the extent that I can feel it "catching" when brushing on the chalk I leave it at the pool hall (where it is less used than 90% of the cubes in the box) and grab a new one. I buy it by the bag (of 12) for not much money locally at Goulds Home Recreation ... like they say: "chalk is cheap" :)




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I don’t know how you guys keep these so flat. I brush for the most part, I’m not a borer, but this is usually where they end up.

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