Sly sneaky w/ 2 shafts w/ ivory ferrules.


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Sly sneaky Sold
Both shafts have ivory ferrules. I has a cocobolo joint I think. You can feel the points raised. There is a nick near the buttcap and there are a few blemishes. Shaft one has two scratches in the ferrule as pictured. Slight taper rolls. Tip, ferrule and joint stay on table.
Butt-14.6 oz Radial Pin
Shaft 1- 3.7 oz and 12.94 mm
Shaft 2- 3.8 oz and 12.76 mm

All tip measurements are where the ferrule and shaft meet. Please email me atusing gmail. I can take pictures of whatever you need. Please ask any questions. Everything is priced shipped, payment needs to be Paypal as a gift.


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