Some Fancy High End Native American Warrior Cues


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Hi All,
I had occasion to create a grouping of some of my Native American Warrior cues that I have collected over the years.
Most of these have never been posted in a public setting, but I thought they made a nice overall group.
Here's hoping the pictures load okay.....from left to right:

Paul Drexler, pfd Studios
Pete Tonkin
Bill Stroud, Josswest
Andy Gilbert
Richard Black
Paul Drexler
Bill Stroud
Bill Stroud
Ernie Gutierrez, Ginacues

Will Prout


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Wow, a lot going on in those cues, but it works! It is neat to see them all together, a lot of talent in that grouping. Vision and execution came together nicely.

Thanks for sharing.


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Great collection....

But be careful.. someone will say you're guilty of cultural appropriation... :)



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Beautiful group. I dig them all. I was just watching a Native American documentary when I clicked on this. Funny, eh?

Thanks for showing off!:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:


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You never fail to disappoint. Thank you for sharing. Those Joss West are on another level. Bill Stroud sure can build a cue😜


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What a great collection

My favorite theme cues of all time

i can not remember ever seeing any that i liked better

Will ,you have added a bunch to pool

keep adding to these and showing them to us



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Hi Will,

I don't get here as much these days but glad I dropped in. You have a great collection there by some of the best in the business. They would all be my favorites. BTW, love the jewelry as well.

It was a pleasure to have met you at the ICCS this year and to have shared some thoughts on each others passion for collecting. Looking forward to building on that relationship in the future. Thank you for sharing the cue art.

Paul Case


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That is a great idea for a theme and the cues are magnificent , thanks for posting this.


I Love Box Cues
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Thanks to all my friends and fellow posters who made the nice comments about these cues.
I have about a dozen additional fancy Native American Warrior cues for which I will take some pictures
and add to this thread when I get a little time.

Will Prout
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phil dade

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Will, I just came upon this thread and am perplexed as to how I missed it. These cues are stunning! Congratulations! I love the the native American influence. I own the purple heart wrapless sister cue to the Gina on the end.

I look forward to seeing the others you mentioned. My Best, Phil


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I have always liked Native American inspired designs and I must say those are some of the nicest I have seen.