Speedy recovery for Kicken Chicken

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I'm in....

Here's a little rub from the front range of the CO Rockies.

Just another mountain to climb, and many more to go.

He'll do fine, nowadays they have so much experience improving ones quality of life with these procedures....he can wake us up at 4 in the am ANYTIME. But not in Key West FL....if you know what I mean.


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Best wishes to you Brian. Hope all goes well. We still have some researching to do.


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Well Brian you certainly have some good people pulling for you, that shows much about your character. Prayers and positive thoughts being sent your way.
I can't wait to see you back here, speedy recovery.


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Sorry to hear that anyone needs surgery; but I hope yours is successful and you have a speedy recovery. Take care Chicken!


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Wow, just read this. Brian is a great guy and I wish him the best. He said he was doing this because it was supposed to increase his break shot by 3 mph and will elevate his game by 1.75 balls.

Just kidding of course, best wishes Brian.


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Sweet blessings are coming your way.

You're still a spring chicken, you know. :yes:


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Our fellow AZer and good friend Brian Carrol AKA Kicken Chicken is going in Tuesday for a valve replacement and I would like to wish him a successful operation and a speedy recovery. He is known to all for his quick wit and eloquent threads. Good Luck Brian.

A speedy recovery indeed.
Prayers and best wishes to Mr. Carrol.