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Attention Room Owners!

Do you have an upcoming special billiards event or pool tournament? Looking for sponsorship or support?

We at Tiger Products (www.tigerproducts.com) are looking for opportunities in the 2007 calendar year.

We are interested in the following types of events to sponsor/support:


$2000+ added open tournaments
Juniors Events
WPBA Qualifiers
UPA Qualifiers
IPT Qualifiers
Charitable Fundraisers
APA, BCA or ACS League events

If you wish to have an upcoming event considered for sponsorship*, send an email (no phone calls) to corey@tigerproducts.com with the details of your event. You will get a prompt reply.

*USA and Canada inquiries only.
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Hello Corey.......We played each other in the Hard Times qualifier.....I own and am running a great pro tour that I just started up here in the Northeast....Check out the site...www.baystateinvitational.com...I would be interested in talking with you. This is going to be one of the best........My main site is www.leatherpocket.com...Let me know what you think.........I have what you are looking for.....:) :) :) :)