Springfield, MA Sunday Feb. 14th Dominiak Cues Tour


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Dominiak Cues Northeast Amateur 10-Ball Tour Stop #11!

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>>Tour Stop #11<<

$320+ Dominiak Cue to the lucky raffle winner!
Sunday February 14th 2010 - 1 day event

Snooker's Billiards
1791 Boston Road
Springfield, MA

*$25 entry for men + $10 Table Time
*All Women free entry + $10 Table Time
*Juniors under 18 free entry + $10 Table Time
*No Membership required!
10-Ball Texas Express Rules
Winner Breaks/Rack Your Own
Double Elimination
Race to 4W/3L
Finals 1 Race to 5
No player limit
Each entrant receives a raffle ticket with tournament entry fee for a new Dominiak Cue drawing!

Doors open at 11am for signups/no pre-registrations/play starts around noon.
All inquiries to TD Kevin Vidal kevin@dominiakcuestour.com

Sponsored by Dominiak Cues www.DominiakCues.com
Co-Sponsored by: League Shirts www.LeagueShirts.com
Co-Sponsored by: Rack 'Em Wear www.RackemWear.com

Thanks and hope to see you on the tour!

Kevin Vidal
Dominiak Tour Director