Started as an "All Paul", became "ABS", now it just "ARIZONA"


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Started as an "All Paul", became "ABS", now it just "ARIZONA"

My NEW JB Cases arrived a little over a week ago, and ”Arizona” is what John Barton named this hybrid version of his "All Paul", inspired type Pool Cue Case.



My Arizona Pool Cue Case is either 2 Butts x 5 Shafts, or 3 Butts x 4 Shafts configuration, it has a Zippered Jump Butt Compartment, and also a Jump Butt Protective Sleeve for added protection incorporated in the Pool Cue Cases 18” Long Lower Pocket.

That Long Lower Pocket has John’s SUPER NEATO “L” Shaped Zipper for ease of access to the Long Lower Pocket, so you do not need a set of surgeon’s forceps to grab the items from the inside depths of the Long Lower Pocket with the “L” Shaped Zipper, as your hands will fit just fine with easy of access:banghead:, and the Long Lower Pocket Pocket holds my 16” John Hager Extension with no problems.


The Arizona Pool Cue Case was ordered with John’s UltraPadTM Interior so each Cue Butt, & Cue Shaft Section fits snugly & safely like a baby wrapped in a receiving blanket. Giving each Cue Butt & Shaft Section great protection.


Up top there is an 8” Upper Pocket with a built in Chalk/Joint Protector Holder, that Upper Pocket also incorporates a Zippers running in a semi circle around the upper portion Pocket for easy access to the entire storage area. The Pool Cue Case’s Top Closure is a Barton Puzzle Latch magnetic type closure with no moving part to break on the Main/Top Cue access closure.




I did ask John to make the Pool Cue Case’s (2) POCKETS a extra 3/8” deeper than his normal depth of 1-1/4” deep pockets, and that extra depth worked out just great for storing a couple of “thick” items I carry, like my Pro-Just-A -Bridge creating no strain, or puffiness on the pockets.



The Pool Cue Case weighs in at a lean 6 Pounds, 2.0 Ounces including the detachable towel ring that weigh almost 1.5 Ounces by itself. No I have no weighted the Case full with 2 Butts x 4 Shafts, and the junk I seem to always put in my Pool Cue Case.

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The Pool Cue Case’s bottom features what I like to call the “Barton Non Slip Foot”, or AKA The Big Rubber Foot on it, so the Pool Cue Case don't Slip on floor like tile, formica, or some slippery floors when leaned against a wall in a Pool Room/Sports Bar/Bar.


John and I went back & forth on design, elements & features I wanted in this Pool Cue Case. I wanted simple tooling design, not a lot of flash carving, so in the end hand colored contrasting colors & creative stamp tooling design by Karen, John’s wife was the answer. Some stippling tooling to fill empty leather spaces was incorporated for contrast. The Pool Cue Cases body leather color was dyed a dark dark brown with some leather grain still showing character, and I think the Pool Cue Case all came together well, and the look turned out great IMHO.


One of the features I wanted was the Pool Cue Case’s Side & Top Handles to lay flat when not in use like several of the other Pool Cue Cases on John's Web-site, and that idea was incorporated as easy as 1, 2, 3, and worked out really cool.


John’s Non Slip Shoulder Pad design rocks , as it don’t slip off your shoulder, dig into your shoulder causing pain, don’t harm the clothing you are wearing, and that Non Slip Shoulder Pad could not work any better on a long walks carrying weight.

I honestly think John, and his Team have hit another Home Run out of the Ballpark with the Arizona Pool Cue Case, and I am one happy customer. John and his team of craftsmen & women pulled off another great project per my wishes. Honestly I think John, and his team’s craftsman's construction, and attention to detail could not be any better.

The other day I took the Pool Cue Case over to be seen by the people that belong to our community leather working club. They always get to see my JB Cases as I respect their opinion, criticism, and compliments, and everyone gave JBCase’s work nothing but a lot of compliments. A few of the members have 20 or more years of leather working experience, critical eyes that know great from only good, or fair, or marginal leather work. All that I heard from these people was compliments on John’s & his Team attention to details after a few of the members gave the Pool Cue Case a very close inspection both inside, and out. Checking out how the pockets were constructed, the “L” Zipper, Stitching, etc. The overall opinion of John & his Teams works was they are execution, and producing a very very high quality of leather working.

I will also mention that the Zippers John uses in his Pool Cue Cases are for industrial use, and not some of the shall we say el crapo clothing grade zipper you find in some Cheap Pool Cue Cases, that have a limited life expectancy. I have had several friends now looking for someone to fix, repair, or replace a broken el crapo light weight zippers in a Pool Cue Cases with a clothing grade zipper.:angry:


I will honestly say if you have a idea for a Custom Pool Case with Logo, Artwork, Special Configured, etc., you would like to see come to see come life. I would highly recommend you at least talk with John about your dream Pool Cue Case project. As John & his Team are more than capable of turning a simple, or complicated ideas into the Pool Cue Case of your dreams. Working with you the customer making suggestions on what functions, what don’t function. What works, what don’t work in Pool Cue Case design, and turning your ideas into great Pool Cue Case that offers as John’s web-site say, “The Protection Your Cue Needs™".

I will take the liberty again & again of giving John Barton, a new AKA. That being King of the Pool Cue Case Builders, as John is been at this Pool Cue Case Build thing over two decades, he is constantly reinventing Pool Cue Case Design, he can build just about any style of Pool Cue Case, or any configuration of Pool Cue Case, and is constantly looking to do Pool Cue Cases that not only look great, but offer the best protection for Pool Cues.

I like to compare John’s Genius, or maybe his unorthodox approach to Pool Cue Case making with the great Walt Disney. As Walt dreamed of a magic place, did some scribbling on a table napkin when he first got the idea for the magic place, that places was for a place for his employees to unwind. When he first dreamed up the idea for what grew to a place for the public to unwind, and is now know as Disneyland the Magic Kingdom.

John Barton today like Walt Disney before his death was not satisfied with what he had done before, or in the past, I think both of these creative guys minds never stopped working 24 x 7 x 365 dreaming up the next new idea, working out of “the box” to incorporate those new idea into a Pool Cue Cases, or the Magic Kingdom called Disneyland.

Be it Custom, Semi Custom, or just a darn good production leather Pool Cue Case like John's aka JB Cases-Jay Flowers Tribute Case, I would consider looking at what JB Cases is offering for sale now. Or a consider a JB Cases, Jay Flowers Tribute Series, IMHO a lot of Bang For Your Buck. Available from from either IndyQShop or Sterling Gaming/CueSight two John’s dealers stocking the Jay Flowers Tribute Pool Cue Cases.

If you have any more questions about this Pool Cue Case, or what John Barton and his team can create, I suggest you look at the many examples atthe JB Cases, aka John's Barton's Web Site.

If you got questions PM-JB Cases, or better yet e-mail Karen Barton, John's wife who is dealing with most of the correspondence for JB Cases now. She replies in a day or two to most e-mails, and remember CHINA is about 12-14 hours later in the day than most paces the U.S.A. When it High Noon Tuesday in Arizona, it is 3:00 AM Wednesday Morning in Xiamen, China.


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I know this thread is ten years old... but, I just have to say, that is one of the nicest and most thoughtfully designed cases I've ever seen. Beauty and practicality merged into a polished final package. Two thumbs up!