Starting a Office Pool League / Ranking system


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Wow its been 11 years since I last came here! Pretty much quit all this time and now that I convinced the corp to get us a table, going to start to pick up my sticks again. Nice getting reacquainted with you all again.

I've tried searching but couldn't find something that fits my use case.

Basically, I am going to send out comms to everyone on-site on interest in joining a pool league/pool ranking system. Thing is, I am guessing that most of them haven't ever really played seriously or played at all and will be joining just to have some fun with their colleagues.

I want this ranking system so that over a longer period of time, it will be easier to balance teams out as new leagues start. How would you start a ranking system within a group of people who have basically 0 experience with billiards? Just randomly assign 1:1 matches with people who want to participate and score them somehow within a spreadsheet?

Any thoughts on developing a league as well? Is there any point of a league if its not for money (Might be a bit risky with my company culture to ask them to buy into the league)? If I do a league, the first one I am guessing its just get them to appropriate sized teams (probably 3 to start) and just do a tournament style asking individual teams to come in on a particular day to play.

Any advise is appreciated. Even if I am thinking of the office pool program completely wrong and am open to much better kick off ideas.


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I'd probably just do a round Robin and then start a ladder system. Not sure what kind of League you're planning on putting together on one table. And I don't think you're likely to get people who are not that serious about the game to all show up consistently.


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How many employees on site?

I'd say 2 out of 3 (race to 2) matches. Do the draw and send it out, giving people a date by which matches must be completed.

I would do a free for all first and then if people like it, perhaps they can make small teams, but that would likely end up with one team far better than the others...which could cause others to lose interest.


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I would not do any league, take you coworkers, or have them meet for Pool, and drinks.

If they are not pool people do not make experience to serious at first.

Just have fun night out. League =‘s commitment.

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Look up the old chess rating system called the harkness system. Bob Jewett I believe also has a simple rating system for pool.

I know the glicko-1 rating system is in the public domain but I have no idea how it can be applied to pool.