Sterling 3X6 Review


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Just wanted to post up a small review of my new Sterling 3x6 case.

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I just received this case yesterday so I dont know how it will hold up or last, but I think it is well made so it should do just fine in that department.
The case I bought came with their new interior with the Organic Rebound feature. I have to say I really like it. All cues fit bumper down and all cues fit with JPs; plenty of room. Two nice ample zipper pockets on the front. Shoulder strap and a padded handle in the middle between the front pockets. If I had to nit-pick and find one negative; it would be that the zippers on the cue compartment are very tight. But there are two zippers, so it isnt that bad.
All in all I am very satisfied with this case and would recommend it to others.



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Got to agree that this is one nice case for the money. It looks great and is quite light for the size of the case. I bought the 4 x 8 to put less cues in and still have a little elbow room in the case and it has turned out to be perfect for my purposes with the exception that there is no pocket for my jump butt. If I put the butt into the large pocket it has to go in that nice roomy space all by itself unless I want to risk damage to it. Other than that it's a winner in my opinion.


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I love the 3x6 I have. Great case for a very very reasonable price. Very sturdy case, I have a It's George-V case (2x4) and I would pick the sterling over it anyday. As a matter of fact, I don't even use the It's George case lol. It has a very sturdy exterior, the vinyl is a bit thin and can rip easy compare to real leather. The padding and protection is great! One of my zippers broke, but just never got a chance to ship the case back to Sterling for repair or replacement. The compartments for accessories are huge and can hold almost everything you want to bring along. Great case!