Sterling Wave Case


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Well I finally got my sterling wave case.

I got the silver and green and it looks great and I got a couple nice comments on it.

Heres my Review on it.

Looks Great and I got a Great Deal on it.
Holds 3x4 or 2x5 for Cues.
Large 1st pocket.
Protects Cues very nicely
Springs Cues up to take them out easier.
Two straps to carry it.
Its the size of my 2x4 McDermott but can hold more than it.
John Bartons Excellent Help and Service.

Bottom pocket hard to get stuff to stay if you open it all the way.
One Zipper broke already because it was so tight (dont know if they are all like this but mine was)
John said he would fix the zipper whenever I am ready so I added great customer service.
Overall a great case for the money and would highly recommend them.

JB did a great job designing these.:thumbup:
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