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Stolen cues

Hi! I joined this forum to see if I can find the pool cue case that was stolen out of our vehicle from my husband a week ago. It is a black 2x4 leather studded, flame embossed Harley Davidson hard case with an indianapolis state championship towel attatched to the case containing a Predator SPW cue with rosewood and green and black 4 point veneers that I bought him on our 1st christmas together and a Lucasi jump cue. I am just sick about this. :( I am offering $100 reward for the return of it, no questions asked. In the slight case it's not returned I'm interested in finding someone who has the same cue to rebuy. I know that it is a retired stick, I have scoured the internet looking for one. My husband loved that predator cue and I really want him to get it back. Please contact me if you are interested in selling or come across his cues.


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Stolen from Bob Owens in Wichita, KS



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Makes sense but

Like the idea, too. Since this is about stolen cues, what happens if you unknowingly purchase a stolen cue only to discover later one that it was stolen? Is it returned no questions asked? or is it bought back?..etc.

I would be afraid it may encourage someone to steal then offer back for $ for " unknowingly ) buying. Cash with no questions asked.


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South West 308-10 *STOLEN 6/12/2013*


It's extremely frustrating to post this, but here to do my part for the owner and also in part for selfish reasons of my own. I'll explain below.

South West Cue PIN 308-10 was stolen from the owner's safe in the Columbus, Ohio area on 6/12/2013.

Barry Strickland is the current owner of this cue. Yes, incase you were wondering, he is related to Earl. He sold the SW cue 308-10 to me two weeks ago, but when it came time to ship - it wasn't in his safe. I have the police report, he's contacting Laurie, and has already refunded my money. Barry knows the suspect, but I'm not at liberty to say since he's denied stealing the cue in court. It's now under investigation.

If you come across this 308-10 being sold and shipped from Ohio, it's stolen property unless it's sold by Barry.

I've attached pictures.

If you have any leads or know of someone trying to move this cue, please contact:

Barry Strickland @ 614-395-6908


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I am constantly looking on craigslist and eBay to see what is offered, as a lot of pawn shops eventually list when no one buys pawned cues.

I am really good at remembering cue designs and woods, can pick out a lot of various cue makers, and also can get a good sense of when something for sale was stolen by the way the item is posted. But it would also help if anyone posting a stolen cue report include the materials used, and characteristics of the cue.

This includes points, veneers, woods, and ring materials. Signature locations, butt markings, and number of shafts also helps.


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great idea, i had a cue taken once but luckily a friend from my pool team stumbled upon a person selling it.. i got it back without a reward but offered compensation.


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Stolen 3C Cue - Longoni Meriterraneo limited #54/100 signed by Frederic Caudro

These cue was stolen out of my girlfriend's brother's truck on 7/23/2013 in Flushing, NY, near Carom Cafe.

Cash reward for the return, no questions ask!

Please look out for them. Thanks!


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Stolen - Predator BK 1 Cue Harahan Louisiana

Cue was returned by honest mistake of accidentally forgetting it and someone else picking it up and walking out with it!

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Stolen Thursday night, unmarked SP. Ironically I took this photo minutes before it went missing.



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Cue RECOVERED! The thief/s apparently sold it (or gave my cues) to someone who tried to pawn it at a pawn shop near my house (where I left a note!).

I had a pair of cues get stolen last evening (10/5 - 10/6) in Hillsboro Oregon out of my truck and was hoping people could look out for them for me! I unfortunately don't have any good pictures of either (just of me playing).

First is a Bob Renis cue (dark, pictured below!). It is distinctive due to its wood/manufacture/shape, but also because it is a ~10.5mm tip and is 54" long. I love this cue dearly and really want it back. It is unfortunately a one of a kind that I doubt I'll be able to get again. The cue is a dark reddish-brown "Diamond Wood" with brass rings and a light tan wood accent. I've emailed the guy who sold it to me initially, so hopefully he has better pictures for me.

Second is a Predator BK2 with Linen wrap. It isn't distinctive otherwise in any way, but if you see someone trying to hock one it might be mine!


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OB J series model 408 & case

please be on the lookout for the following stolen items:

OB Cue J series, model 408 Product DescriptionL:
Our 408 J-Line Cue features a beautiful Curly Maple forearm and butt sleeve with a total of 12 ebony black points and maple sheilds. Each point is topped off with a small diamond of Holly set in a black border with accent flower petals. A black with white spec irish linen wrap takes care of the handle area while a polished steel joint and 5/16-14 pin takes care of the front end of the cue. At the bottom, you'll find our exclusive "signature" ring to round things out. The 408 is 58" long, and the weight is adjustable from 18 to 20 ounce.

Brown two tone pro series case with diamond shapes. (See Photo)

The other contents in the case were: (1) OB Classic shaft with 3/8-10 joint (Fits McDermott Joint) + (1) G-Core Shaft.

Misc - Tools / Joint protectors.

owners name is Tony (Please call 8016284368 if you have any leads). his case (with cues inside) was stolen from 5 Monkeys Bar in Murray , UT either last Friday night, or possibly the following Sat.


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stolen phillippi cue ! reward

I cant figure out to post pics of my stolen phillippi. its was stolen in 2006 off of a ebay deal.
it was sold on cornerstone custom cues website. go to ebay, I have pics there. any help would be great. BIG REWARD OFFERED !!


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Stolen Instroke 2 x 4 case. Purple and black suede with Buddy Hall autograph and 98 to 01 on front of case in black sharpie. Bought case from Buddy Hall at 2001 US open. If found/seen message me on here and call the best proctologist in the area as the thief will need assistance in removing my foot.
Stolen phillippi cue must read

Ii had a high end phillippi cue stolen from me in 2006. I have tracked it down in 2008 but missed it. I since have tracked it down to a web site CORNERSTONE CUSTOM CUES. go to sold cues in 2012, its the 32nd row down in the middle. (that's mine) he has since then sold it on 3/18/2012, but doesn't remember to who (figures right). its on ebay right now. everyone please check it out. 1000$ reward to whomever finds it. thanks very much
stolen phillippi cue

I had my high end phillippi cue stolen in 2006, and have tracked it down to a sellers website CORNERSTONE CUSTOM CUES. he has since sold the cue, but by gosh has forgotten the guys name !! yeah !! its on ebay right now !! if anybody can help me get it back, i'll give anybody a 1000$ reward ! thanks to all.


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I had my high end phillippi cue stolen in 2006, and have tracked it down to a sellers website CORNERSTONE CUSTOM CUES. he has since sold the cue, but by gosh has forgotten the guys name !! yeah !! its on ebay right now !! if anybody can help me get it back, i'll give anybody a 1000$ reward ! thanks to all.

WHY don't you just buy it back? Seems like it might be cheaper to do that. JMO!!!!