Stunning 16 point Ebony & Ivory Viattorre.


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Before anybody asks. I somehow miscounted the amount of ivory points in the original listing.
I'm Polish. What can I tell you. :rolleyes:

This cue was built in 03. It was called "Lance" on the Viattorre site.
Jackson Tan has since retired.
This is an excellent example of his work.
The cue is in excellent condition and comes with 1 maple shaft and 1 flat lam shaft.
The curly maple is outstanding.
There are:
16 ivory points.
48 ivory inlays.
16 abalone inlays.


OAL. 59 7/8"
Pin 5/16x14
Butt weight 14.5 oz
Maple shaft 4.2 oz
Lam shaft 3.9 oz
Diameter 12.65mm

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Shipped and insured within the continental USA. Will ship international at buyers risk and adjusted shipping rate.


I have noticed 1 blemish in the cue as seen in this picture. The camera makes it look worse than it is.
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I taut I saw a pussy cat!
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This cue would make a wonder addition to any collection.

Lets make a deal.


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I believe I know who this is.
Long time.

Yes, long time.

Have been sidetracked by domestic matters... :p

Good luck on your sale.

Will be putting up quite a few of my cues for sale as well since i hardly play anymore. Will be keeping sentimental favorites.