Sold Tables for sale - Diamond, Gold Crown, Centennial

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what model gold crown are they? Will they be broken down for pickup?

Anyone from down south interested in going together for picking up cost [NC/SC - Charlotte] area?


Sometimes they roll that way.
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So the room didn't work out? I hate to see that... some hellacious deals right here though! GLWS


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It is really disappointing to read that the room ultimately did not succeed.
I think the concept was great and truly, ideologist deserves our admiration.

IMO, he’d never have attempted this if he didn’t genuinely love the game and this
was going to help promote interest, socializing & competitive play in a great setting.

Gosh, it’s sad this didn’t take off because today more than ever before, we really can use
good news stories. COVID vaccination is now moving along quickly & better times await us.

I’m looking forward to playing pool again, hopefully soon. Even after you get vaccinated,
life becomes more interesting when pool rooms are open again. Clubs like this offer a lot.