Taom Chalk


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Well, there isn't a question anymore: This is the chalk that grips and produces less skids in the market today.
And probably the cleanest too.

I have Green and Grey available at this time.
I can ship tomorrow.

Take 2 pieces and I will ship it 2-Day Priority for $40

Paypal fees on the buyer, I prefer Zelle

Text for faster response 917-5000622

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Brand new 2.0 Grey and Pyro Blue.

Few available.

$20 a piece shipped to the CONUS.


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By chance any idea where I can get it in white 2.0 Taom chalk ?


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I would try some in blue too. When will it be available? I better play way better for 20 bucks a cube :)


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To me it's a cleanliness thing.
100%. I never cared playing in pool halls, well because they have people to clean them. But got a table last year for the first time, and had been using Kamui. Man - never realized how messy the stuff was. Or even Master or anything else. Finally got some Taom Pyro about 2 months ago, and it is awesome. I won't talk to the performance, but just for cleanliness? Amazing. Balls are clean, hands stay clean...will never go back to other stuff on my own table.


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I use Elephant brand training balls occasionally because they hold chalk and show you how accurately you are hitting the cue ball. Doesn't work with the Taom Pyro though as it leaves no chalk on the cue ball. I use other chalk for that purpose now.