taper bars for sale


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4 position indexing taper bars for sale.You get everything to mount to bed of lathe and to cross slide,Hardware includes transfer punch,tap drill,tap 5/16-18,bolts,shim stock.
All taper bars have profile machined on them and fine adjustments built in design.
1)shaft rough.
1)shaft finish.
1)handle rough.
1)handle finish.
All Aluminum parts anodized,steel is black oxided.
Your lathe must have 36" between centers.

$950 + shipping (I may ship international.)
Paypal or check (check must clear before shipped).




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Rick Geschrey
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What a great Deal and great workmanship.

I have 5 taper bar set ups and don't need one but I would still like to have one of these because it is so cool!


Mr Hoppe

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Wow, this guy does it up right! Will a tablesaw mount and lathe be next? I've heard quite a bit of demand for that.


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Deco Taper Bars

I received my taper bar setup from Datum Mfg. and they are fantastic. The kit is complete with all necessary parts and tools to install with instructions. The attention to detail and function is some of the best I've seen. I'm no stranger to wood working machinery and machine shop tooling.....cabinet shop owner for 30+ years. I'm looking forward to getting this up and running. Tom is a stand up guy....does what he says he's going to do. Many thanks.


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Thanks again for the purchase and good word.
I have 3 taper bar sets for sale and ready to ship and two dust boxes for kress/ridgid routers almost ready to ship.
I am out of stock of the mill point patterns for the taper bars.
Taper bars with 4 patterns and all hardware $875.
Dust box $ 250.+ shipping and insurance.


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It is what it is...
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One day i'll have a machine lathe and the first thing i will buy for it is this taper set up!


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Tom, i've got the mill points bar that i dont use. You can have it if you need it.

Guerra Cues

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Tom, i've got the mill points bar that i dont use. You can have it if you need it.

You have a bad s setup for your points that's for sure.
Also Deco Cue used to be Datum cue, for some of you that might see his new AZ name.
I just got the dust collector box and is freaking awesome!!!
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Mr Nobody

Wow , very nice set up ... Heavy duty !!! This guy makes quality stuff !!! I bought the veneer ring dies a while back and they are the good stuff , works like a charm !!! Quality tools produce quality work !!!;)


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They can work with the deluxe with some imagination for the mounting of them, but the mid-size would be too small