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reached my upload maximum for today. Will post last two lessons next few days :)
Spoiler: I have no idea how to play the last shot of the collection that is mentioned here at 3:25



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all that works well for practice to get better.

what i like to do is just throw a cube of chalk on the table and a bunch of balls and shoot shots trying to get close to the chalk or roll over it. then throw it again and repeat.
his way with the table game is great for two players having a contest.

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Does anyone have Kim Davenport's contact information? Maybe he still has some left.
I think he's living in Georgia now unless he's moved back to California. He lived in Modesto for many years, and had a pool room there called Championship Billiards. Target Pool was a great game that you could play by yourself or compete with others. I think if it were re-introduced to the market place it would sell well, it really was that good.
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A decade ago I posted on this thread and what I wrote still applies.
Target Pool is a fun way to improve your use of English & CB speed.

It is played best on smaller tables because a 9’ makes it really hard.
Regardless, these shot set-ups make you concentrate on execution.
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Target pool may have been early in this idea but there are lots of resources for practicing your ability to make a ball and get the cue to a particular location. Bert's 60 minute work out, Bob Hennings sweet 16, Dr Dave's version of the same.
When I watched the target pool link on youtube posted here it looked like Bert's except for Bert's crappy piece of printing paper with a big black circle in the middle taped down with scotch tape.


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Target Pool is awesome and one of the best training aids for pool. Unfortunately, it was discontinued over a decade ago, and I wanted something like this for my students, so I took the liberty to create a new version with a new array of shots and a much better target. It's called Bullseye Billiards