Tascarella for sale on a french website. scam or not ?


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HI !

here is a link to a french website, showing a 2012 brand new Tascarella for sale.


According to the asked price (1900€ = 2500$ ) , to the description (brand new, 2012 , never hit a ball , 2 shafts ...) which looks to be an automatic translation , IMHO the probability of a scam is verrrry high ;) .

any opinion ? may be someone has already seen those pics somewhere, so ...
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A number of years ago, a new poster on this forum was asking questions about a southwest cue that was for sale on a pool forum in his country. The pictures of the cue, were of the the one I owned and was still in my possession. I was not selling the cue, nor do I post on a Vietnamese pool forum. The pictures were lifted from my photobucket account and the seller was stating that the cue was in his possession.

I would be cautious with anything being sold online.


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All I can add to this is that IF this cue does indeed exist and at $2500 US Dollars ITS A GREAT DEAL ! Just Pete's basic four pointers with NO inlays or bushka ringwork are worth $2600 ! I would say this cue is about $1000 under priced. Hope this helps. GL, Dan