Team USA Excuse Thread -- Please Leave Blank


We need more young kids hanging around pool halls and bars instead of going home and playing computer games. What is wrong with our culture?

yep they need to be exposed to the beer, drugs and gambling at the pool bars instead, what has the world come to when we are exposing them to life threatening computer games?

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Ready to hear your announcement

Oh, you know how I do Crow.... I'm not giving the keys to the kingdom for funsies.

I PM'ed the roster to you since you're a good, solid kid.....
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Looks like I was correct in deciding to just watch old re-runs of Gunsmoke & Have Gun - Will Travel.

Uncle Paladin.

I was watching Sons of Anarchy for the most part. There were less people getting Killed on that.


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That's Same old same old. Let's lose the veterans on the downside of their careers and go young. Shane, Mike D, Justin H, Justin B, Skylar W. The best team for sure. Johnnyt


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but but but
shane didnt have his pink shirt or his favourite glove,
it wasn't 10 ball race to 100 no pee breaks
stupid short format
euros get all the rolls have done last 8 years
crowd to noisy
jet lag
table is too easy
table is too fast
break rule is stupid

You've forgotten to mention, that the cueball on the right side of the table must have been much too heavy, cause it rolled 15 times too short on the lag! :nanner::rotflmao1:
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Because of Shanes hearing being what it is, his ability to get allot more information Visually is highly accentuated. Combine this with him being a team captain for the first time, it obviously distracted the mind, thats perfectly normal.
I was at the hot springs today, what I saw Was comparable to that....there was a deaf couple signing and talking to each other in the pool. But what was even neater, when the wife got out of the pool, her and her husband didn't stop talking even tho she was forty feet away, that was neat to see.


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I am here in Blackpool to watch and I was extremely disappointed. Bottom line is USA overall played like A players not World Class players.

Glad both Justin's did well. I will leave criticisms of player selections to others.


this was my humble opinion also. I am a "b" player and play with an "a" player twice per week and saying that they played like "a" players is being very kind indeed. there were several matches wherein I could have beat the usa team players and I am a "b"!!!! I think it was a lack of focus as we all know this game is more than 50% mental and our team just never arrived to the event "in whole"....


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Keep the same lineup, swap john for Johnny and pray Europe goes without their best as they did this year

1,2 barbecue