How ya doing Keith? Congrat's on your latest endevers. Can't wait to see ya play again. Say hello to that nice lady you are with for me. Tell her the guy who was born in the same hospital as her , says howdy!!!
Your Friend, Don P.
PS: How bout letting me write the BOOK for ya man. Check my posts, can't spell, but do like to write from the heart. Just like you play!

Keith McCready

Pro Player
Don, good to hear from you, my friend. It is always nice to be with folks who enjoy pool, and you've definitely got heart. My spelling isn't that great either, but I've learned how to use spell-check, which makes life easier. Moving right along on the book and appreciate your fine offer.

Going to Syracuse this weekend to attend the Joss Tour tournament. It's not a bad road trip, and the New York folks I've met up there are real nice, too. Should have a little fun and hopefully I will continue to shoot well.

Still been on the mend from that U.S. Open cold, but things are looking up.



this is rich from rochester at classic billiards.will you do me a favor and give me a call asap.important.call the room at 585-227-7400 after 9.i am here until 3am.glad to see your doing great out there and we all wanted to see you win the us open.would have been a great finish to the book.please get ahold of me.call right now if your on
see ya