Tex Zimmerman


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We know very little about this cuemaker from the bay area. I was wondering if anyone's heard of, or even seen his cues. His name is briefly mentioned in the 3rd edition of the Blue Book under Robinson cues.


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Not much information is available about Tex. He was associated with Harvey Martin, and his cues are similar to Harvey's. Every Zimmerman cue I have seen (I owned one) was solid bird's eye maple, ivory joint, ivory butt plate and black leather wrap. Tex co-owned Whitehead and Zimmerman billiard supply in San Francisco. I believe the store was on 10th Street just south of Market. I saw an ad for a Zimmerman cue available at Buffalo Billiards in Rohnert Park. I hope I was successful in attaching a pic of it to this post.


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Here are some pics of a Zimmerman cue I got on Ebay years ago. I think the cue shown above from Baffalo Billiards was also for sale on Chalkers last year for $3000.
I hope the pics show, I dont know what Im doing.



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I have a few of his sticks. My custom one was made in 1962 with a maple shaft, birdseye maple butt, pigskin grip, and ivory butt place, joint, and ferrule. It cost me $20. and is still straight as a die.

Joe Bachelor, a former trick shot pro, and local champ from New York played with a Rambow given him by Mosconi and he said he could play with my Zimmerman.

Long after his death, I also bought 3 house cues Tex put ivory joints in for $10. apiece. I splashed around another ten for a new tip for the 18 oz. one and it plays just fine.

Tex was also the last free hand ivory ball turner in the country.

He had a workshop in his home on Laidley St. in San Francisco and would put untrue billiard balls in a cup on his lathe, brace his hand, and take down only the high spots with a sharp wood chisel. The ivory shavings felt like crepe paper they were so thin.


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Zimmerman cues

I believe Ronnie Allen won the 1962 one pocket tournament at Cochran's in San Francisco with a Zimmerman. I know he had one at about that time. He's another story. The Muhammed Ali of pool.


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I must say great first post Liam, I'm betting you have a few more stories in the memory bank that we would love to hear sometime. Thanks for sharing your information on a not so mentioned cuemaker. :thumbup:



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I bought this one eBay and have been told by several people that they believed it was a Zimmerman cue. All of the white is indeed Ivory. I had it refinished by


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