Thank You All for the Support.

Athena SanSouci

Wow. I haven't written on these forums for a couple of years. As everyone may know, Ginky has passed away. It's very difficult for us right now, we are all trying to cope with the sudden loss of someone we loved so much. Ginky has touched everyone's heart.
Yes, many of you may know of the tremulous relationship Ginky and I have had throughout the years. Both of us were two very strong personalities, and when we argued, it was more like waging war. WWIII to be exact. But that never stopped us from making up.
The news hit everybody as a shock when Ginky and I had decided to go our seperate ways 8 months ago, but since then we were making ammends to the way we had hurt eachother, and began to rekindle our relationship. The last time I had spoke with Ginky was March 1st. So it is a pain i cannot even explain to know that I will never hear his voice again.
I love him so much. I spent my entire adult life with him. He is all I knew, and is all I know now. Im sure as the years go by, it will hurt a little less, but right now its too painful, and I just had to share my feelings with everyone around.
I dont want to take away the love that the other women who had recently been in his life had for him. It is not my place, and I would never do that, so If anything that is said in this letter to everyone, is hurtful, I apologize. It is not my intention.
I understand that he had a close relationship with one or two other women, and they have every right to feel a love for him. And I could understand how devastated his most recent girlfriend was, because she had gotten a little glimpse of the man whom I grew to love unconditionally. Therefore Miros, and Helene, I do understand what both of you are going through, and I want you to know that I have alot of respect for both of you, and I understand the pain you are feeling.
Casey and I, we are the two women that had spent the most time with George, and like me, she is devastated too. I'm glad I found a friend in her, her and I had very similar experiences and stories, and she has been there recently for me, to help me get through this tough time.
George always told me that no matter what happened, him and I will always love eachother, and I believe that.
I dont think either of us ever got over eachother. Neither of us would have been able to love another person as much as we loved eachother, and we both knew that. That is why it was so hard for either of us to let go, and that is why we kept on either trying to hurt each other, or comfort each other.
I just want the world to know that I love him just as much as he loved me. He was once my husband, my life, my everything. No matter how bad it got, I knew I could run back to him. And he did the same with me. Maybe it wasn't the healthiest thing, and Im sure alot of people did not, and still do not like me, because of the problems him and I had. But, I could care less about those people. It doesn't matter who they are. I just wanted to set it straight.
Ginky and I were complete opposites who fell in love and never fell out of it. He will always be the man who opened up a whole new world. I will cherish his name that is inked on my wrist, and I will think of his legacy and adore his memory every single day for the rest of my life.

In time, hurt will turn in comfort, and tears will turn into smiles... but my love for him... it will never go away.

Thank You to Everyone I've ever met through George, and those of you whom I still havent, but are friends and fans... I hope that whomever is in New York will come to the funeral services.

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