thanks to veterans


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A special thanks to all veterans and the families and friends that supported them during their sevice years. I appreciate and applaud your patriotic service!!:thumbup:


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I second that - THANKS to all of you and your spouses.

There was a thread - perhaps last year at this time - where many of the CM's who served or are serving were identified - a surprisingly long list.




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I was in the Service during the Nam era. High School drop out nearing 18 years which was draft card day. I didn't believe in that conflict nor do I believe in the present one. The USA has never lost a war but never won a conflict. My choices were Canada or join smart. I joined the Navy with signed papers I would go to A school to become a Cook and got an Honerable Discharge after my term of service.

I have spent over the last 4 decades spending this day remembering 3 childhood friends that got in a minor scrap with the law (kids prank) and was ordered by the court to join the service or do Jail time. They joined the service under the buddy system and were killed in the line of duty before a year was up.

I hope all of our brave fighting people today get to come home as Vetrens and our fallen, may they R.I.P.


I agree. I had the honor of being able to attend the traveling Vietnam Honor Wall that was at Fort Gordon this weekend. I was overwhelmed by the length of this wall! I managed to find my cousin who I was never able to meet and see his name displayed there for all to see. I highly recommend that anyone who has the chance to see this memorial to do so.