The adventurous life of my first custom cue...


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Do you still have your first built to order custom cue? I don't:( !

In '96 or so I designed a cue and had Donald Bludworth build it for me, my first truly one of a kind cue. Loved it and played with it a couple of years, only to get a wandering eye and trade it to Joe Salazar in a deal to get a McWorter. Worse case of stupidity I have ever suffered. I always wondered about who it went to and it turns out that it has had quite a road trip. I saw it on ebay a while back but wasn't in a position to pick it up and now it turns out that at least 2, maybe three other AZers have owned it (Guycrunch and Birk1)! Here are pics from Guycrunch that I found in an old thread:

Its a sweet purpleheart cue with 8 points outlined in ebony and multiple ebony and ivory diamonds.

So where else has it been? I'd love to own it again.

Where did your first custom wind up?



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That is amazing... They always say it's a small world and here is another instance of it being proved.


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Rightfully so, the world is really small. My first custom stays with me. I waited so long for it. All the rest will suffer the same faith. :)


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Yep, still have my first one and still play with it quite a bit. Mike Capone circa 1998. Great hitting cue and still plays a ton. 18 oz. 12.25 mm shaft. Cocobola butt and forearm with a white/brown speckled irish linen wrap. It has some ringwork and a brass radial pin. Hell of a cue...its dinged up a bit on the buttplate but it still hits like a dream.

I play mostly with my Kevin Varney...thanks Kev for a great cue...but the old Capone makes it out of the case a lot. It will always stay in my case...well, unless the price is just right! :cool:

jay helfert

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Ernie made a beautiful Zebra Wood cue for me many moons ago, and put my name on the butt cap. I loved that cue and played with every day in my first poolroom in Bakersfield. I was playing someone in San Jose at the Circus Bar and went to the restroom. I was gone two minutes and left my cue on the table. It was gone when I came back, and no one knew anything! I was 200 winners but I lost my cue. SHIT!!!

Fast forward twenty years and Ernie calls me up one day and says to come by his shop. In his shop is my cue. WOW! One small problem, it is badly warped, and I mean BAD! Someone brought it in to Ernie to repair and he called me right away. He said it was worthless now and threw it in the trash in front of me. At least I got to see it one more time.


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My story is similar, but nothing to do with pool - in my case, it's a road bike.

I had ridden mountain bikes for a few years, and in 1999 decided to get myself a road bike. I ended up buying a complete frankenbike (i.e. one made up of various parts) from a used bike dealer in Alabama, for a good price. At that point, no telling where the bike had been before that.

I hauled the bike from Atlanta to Portland, OR, and then Denver, CO, and then up to nearby Boulder.

One day I'm out in the shed at the house I was living at, moving a water bottle cage from one of my other bikes to my road bike, and happened to notice a sticker on the downtube for the first time - "Excel Sports, Boulder, Colorado."

This discovery completely wigged me out - this bike had been all over the country and it's not 'til I've got it back within about three miles of where it was initially purchased until I notice this sticker. Freaky!

As far as custom cues go, I'm hoping to have the funds soon to allow me to order one for myself, finally. And I hope I love that cue so much that I *never* let it go... :p


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First custom I bought was a Tad. Fairly plain. Replaced the original fishing line wrap - STUPID! But I still have the stick.


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Runnin8 said:
In '96 or so I designed a cue and had Donald Bludworth build it for me, my first truly one of a kind cue.
Where did your first custom wind up?


My first custom cue was a red dot Bludworth (not custom built for me, just my first non-production cue.) It was stolen outta my car (not even near a pool hall, so somebody probably thought it was $20.) :mad: Anyway, that was damn fine hitting cue...