The Allison Fisher Story starring Meg Ryan


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ccn7 said:
While sitting here with my wife drinking our tea and watching the movie " you've got mail" with tom hanks and meg ryan i couldnt help but think how much the two look alike. hmmmmm wonder if her life could be movie material.

I'm not toching this one with a 10' pool stick. My mind is racing after reading this.


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meg ryan looks more like that "lina" girl from wherever.

allison looks more like that comediene, bonnie hunt


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hmmmmmmm interesting thought. It would be something i would watch you know but like my idea of the WPBA video game i dont think it would happen lol.


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whitewolf said:
I also like Amanda Tapping, or Samantha Carter in SG1. She even played pool once in a scene and loved it.

I second the Amanda Tapping! Although Meg would draw a bigger box office. Some things just will never have justice in the world. :D