The Best Ever List of Pool Nicknames


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Some of the more colorful or orginal names or players I've run across

"Cracker" jack
"Crazy" Bruce
"Ball sniffing" bob
George "the trapper"
"Hemroid" harry
"Go off" Tommy
"The Meatman"
Jimmy "no nose"
John "the pizza guy"
"gloryhole" Frankie
"sleep a ball" smitty


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Back in the early 60's, I knew this tall old geezer in Rolla, North Dakota. Called "Stick", no one knew any other name for him.

He was a beanpole skinny dude with a wicked sense of humor. He could make 10 spot shots in a row. He spent more time telling stories (and never had to buy a drink). He was a walking history of pool in the Dakotas and Central Canada. I sure wish I had spent more time listening to him.


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Chew tobacco
Monster John
Boston Tony
Jay Bird
Mountain man
Texas Tornado
Dutchess of doom
Black widow
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I used to play a guy in NW Florida called "Wartface ", he would get mad if you called him anything else. Another guy at the Sport Palace in New Orleans called "Chicken Joe" !:grin-square:

Mr. Wiggles

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Fat Randy- Randy Wallace, Tulsa,Okla.

Fat Paul- short fat guy that played good pool from California, seen him everywhere, R.I.P.

Fat Ralph- Ralph Cortez, Fort Worth,TX.

Lizard- Steve Smith, Dallas,TX.

Little Al- Al Mason, Dallas,TX.

Little Hand- ?, Houston,TX.

Little Johnny- Johnny Morrel ?. Dallas,TX., Carolina's

9-Ball Paul- Paul Dodge, Little Rock,Ar., Memphis,TN.

Spanky-?, Arkansas

Country Calvin- Calvin Harcrow, Texarkana,Arkansas

Catman- David Harcrow, Arkadelphia,Arkansas

Little Wayne- ?, Shreveport,LA.

Snag- ?, Shreveport,LA.

Topsy- C.J. Marla, Shreveport,LA., R.I.P.

Good Time- Charlie Owens, Monroe,LA.

Rooster- Robbie ?, Vivian,LA.

Porky- Norman Wines, Battle Creek, Michigan

Spanky would be Greg Houge from Tulsa. Grew up and close to age of phenom Caleb Moore, also of Tulsa. Caleb developed many issues but still plays a little. Spanky plays lots of big tourneys and is well known in the Okla. area. Nice guy. Greg, if you read this I need more than a couple of balls in one hole!! Like ten five! Spank the Spankster!! Hell yeah!


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Has the Professor been mentioned yet? :scratchhead:

Cinncinati Kid Don Willis

Baltimore Buddy

Mountain Man

Cesar Morales Efren

Manny Mota Frank Fisher

The King Jim Rempe


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Meathead Bolivar Cotton. Ally Oop Al Orears and the best I've heard was a player the old timers tell me about Filthy McNasty!


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I am going to show my Tulsa roots and age:

Titanic Thompson: Alvin Thomas
3 day Craig: Craig Stevens
Littlehand: ?
Gimpy Jim: Jim Melton



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Six out Powell
Goofy mcglothin
givemthemoneyback tim

My buddies hate these names i gave them but they fit like a glove.


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A tour of California ...

Jerry "Baby Huey" Matchin, from Ventura CA
Tina "Filipina" Pawlawski, from San Diego
"Five Pocket Phil" from Fresno - famous in town for playing golf on the snooker table and getting his arm stuck in the five hole
"Tall Paul" Barros, from the Bay area
"Choo Choo Bob", from Orange County - worked for the railroad
"Practicing Tom", from LA - would always be seen in the poolroom but wouldn't bet a nickel

Someone once called me "Eagle Eye Ernie" but it never caught on.


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Around this area we have
Jaybird .... Jason Brown who is a killer player
Skibo...... Phillip Britt- another killer player
Chew Bacca..... Derrick Leonard same as above
Pawn Shop Brian..... Good player but not as strong as above
Peanut ... Josh Roberts brother


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Don Edwards comes to mind. But it's been a long time.

Yeah that's him- He was from Waterbury CT-Im guessing he was 'Waterbury' for a while until an unfortunate miss(es) during a big match.

BTW- I dont believe i saw 'Dirty Low Down Red' - I think Fats said of him in COURT, if u gave him a blood test, it would come back 90% coffee and 10% hotdog. It seemed a non sequitur but still funny.


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Iceman Larry Hubbard

Swanny Jay Swanson


Big O Ottis Moore (or just O)

Long Hair Scotty

Junky Randy

Lil Abner


One-eyed Bill (Tommy Kennedy's old road partner)

Shady Grady


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Boston Joey
Buffalo Jerry
South Norfolk Charlie Jones
Efren "Bata" Reyes
Gabby real name Mouise Pouncey
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2 more, though rather infamous

'Glove' = Kenneth Mack Caldwell (RIP)

Jerry 'Knoxville'


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BTW- I dont believe i saw 'Dirty Low Down Red' - I think Fats said of him in COURT, if u gave him a blood test, it would come back 90% coffee and 10% hotdog. It seemed a non sequitur but still funny.

He had a heart attack on the table next to mine in the Cue Club a few years ago, like 2004 or something and i went to the desk to have them call an ambulance and they came and took him away. That night he didnt want to stay in the hospital and checked out and went and died at home.
Didnt know the man except hello and goodbye.
They also called him Preacher.

Speaking of which, does anyone know of a player who was originally from Louisiana but moved to Vegas and worked at the Dunes and was also called Preacher ? I knew him well and his name was John, played one pocket for good money back in the day.
Hell of a nice guy and a good boxman, even when he wasnt swinging, lol.