Duane Remick

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20 Years ago, I worked in a cue shop here in tulsa-
Auerbach cues....
I had been a car painter- cue shop needed someone to spray their cues,
So I worked there evenings , and learned cue making from John Parker
I made several-plain janes & 3 Fancy Cues, this was the last-
Actually sold it right after it was completed-needed the $$
But ran into the guy who had it all these years and got it back today.
John did the inlay work and the wrap, and assisted me building the front-
Plays great and still PERFECTLY STRAIGHT TOO :smile:


bob b.

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Glad you told me the story, I couldn't wait to see it. That is BadAss! Looks like you'll have a keeper! :)

Bob B.


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Nice work and definitely a keeper!

Is John Parker still making cues in Tulsa?


You'll shoot your eye out
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Now that's how a cue's story is supposed to be, back home. And a beautiful cue it is.
Thank you for sharing.

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Jet Points and the Thick Walls in the Rings, That's the way to build dress rings.
Bet you were surprised to see the cue surface :grin-square:
Did I Mention Those Diamonds Kick Ass!!
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Doesnt look like it saw much play ever. Hope it does now. Something to be very proud of..

nick serdula

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You built a very pretty Cue

Lightning doesn't strike twice. I wish you built one in every color!
Nick :)