The Players Club 1/11-1/12 Efren Reyes Action One Pocket Tourn $500 entry


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Jan 11-12 we are holding a $500 entry 8 man one pocket tournament with our locals and Efren Reyes. We match up each individual match based on wanting to give weight not get it. Action awards given for best action, Least Nitty Farthest Finish, and more. I gave out $1000 to our last one.
First Round match ups based on call outs. KFC calling Efren out quick I bet so see if anyone can somehow out action that man.
It was the most fun thing I ever had to watch because I sold my spot to the guy who won it. Praying I get in this one.

Supporters Only The Players Club on Facebook. stlplayersclub and
$20 per MONTH(30 days not calendar) not just this event. Please sign up in December to be entered in free Ra$$!e's for JB Cases, Cues, and More!
(literally begging for Dec. We get a one time bonus for sign ups Dec only)
I have a couple spots I could open if any other Professional wants to come play.
Greg Hogue is bringing the Red Door Den Back to TPC as well for the Tournament
***Big Whiffs of something happening earlier in Jan*** trying to finalize now
Wow coach Mark Wilson bringing the heat to TPC!!!! 12/21 and 1/5

Thank You to everyone who watches nightly!!!!

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Wow adding on a clinic with Coach Mark Wilson on live stream at The Players club to select our 5 best. This happens on 12/21 then on 1/5 TeamTPC will be playing against a special envoy from Mark Wilson. We can't wait to get the player lists out. Still working on loading up more !!!
Please become a supporter in December for give aways and now Mark Wilson Training session and our 6vs6 event of great players. then...EFREN