Then vs. Now (One More Thread)

Was he ever really in the conversation for the best player in the world though?

He ended up as world nr 1 four different years, don't know which unfortunately.. Won as much as anybody and if we counted top 4 or top 8s in pool he would probably have more than anybody else. Then for the game and how it's played today, I think he contributed as much as Earl and Efren. Just in a very silent and effective way, he never missed position and never made any stupid decisions.

In snooker they have cuetracker that shows stats for all years on the circuit. Hopefully some day the same thing will be done for pool. I feel there is so much history and stats that really could enhance the games past.


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And Fedor averaged around 950 with tighter pockets on a 10' table.
Yup. The average of Gorst's 4 TPAs at this year's International Bigfoot event was .957. (That probably differs slightly from a single TPA for all 4 matches combined.)

But not all of his performances on 10-footers have been at this level. To my knowledge, he has played 18 matches on 10-footers in the US:

2017 DCC Bigfoot (age 16) -- .809, .813​
2018 DCC Bigfoot -- .900, .886, .883, .788​
2019 DCC Bigfoot -- .880, .902, .810​
2022 DCC Bigfoot -- .949, .945, .937, .906​
2021 International Bigfoot -- .797​
2022 International Bigfoot (age 22) -- .970, .970, .934, .952​

So in 2022, he had 8 matches in a row in the 900s and the average of those 8 was .945.