TheOne advances to 2nd round of world 14.1 championship


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Craig Riley also known as TheOne/halfoftwo in these parts has just beat Johnny Archer at the world straight pool championships in New Jersey to advance to the second round. Congratulations Craig and also to fellow AZ'er Danny Harriman for a well played tournament so far, best of luck in the second round.

Bet you haven't seen that link for a while:D

Colin Colenso

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Congrats Craig...had my fingers crossed after you lost your 5th and 6th games.

Note: I believe this is Craig's first ever 14.1 tourney and he probably only has a couple of hundred hours playing the game. Very Impressive.

If this snooker wiz ever gets serious with his game, I expect we'll seem him regularly up with the top finishers at the big events.


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way to go Craig... must make the trip across the pond worth it. congratulations on making it this far................mike


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Hey Craig, better start putting those centuries on the scoreboard, they will come handy from now on ;) Best of luck to Craig and other lurkers who have proceeded to the next round !!


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That's beautiful playing, Craig. I'm sure you're enjoying every moment of it, and so are we. Just keep on doing what you're doing... nothing else matters. You've got the AZ family behind you.


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Great shooting Craig! You da man! Best of luck to you, Danny, and Mad Max in round 2!


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Great job TheOne! We're all rooting for our little shortstop. :p :D


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amazing :) gratz craig. i think all AZ is crossing there fingers for u. at least i am. make us proud boy!!