Things have changed …


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Found an old soft case as I was cleaning out storage unit. Case had no pockets, but inside was a towel, and inside the towel was a green scouring pad and three slip on cue tips.
Brought back memories of when most players used house cues and the good ones usually had no tip or tip was messed up. I would just slip on a new tip and be
ready to go. I remember having to hide the green pad, which was worn pretty thin, inside the towel as I wiped down the house cue cause some owners didn’t like anything abrasive being used .. what a sly dog I was 😎


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I would us my car keys to rough up house cues.

Jeff Livingston
Tough room?



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Todays cases are a backpack or suitcase. I think I still have my first 2shaft hard case … $10.