Things to know about the SBE?


Dave Manasseri
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I saw the thread about the food. All good, but eating is way down on the list for me. What can someone new expect at the expo? Is it rude to try to get next game, or am I supposed to try to get games off the floor? Whats the betting like, stakes wise? Any other tips appreciated, I have no idea what to expect.


Go Blackhawks!
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Hi Bambu, Last year they had tables on the lower level that were gambling only. I think there were 5 or 6 Diamond Bar boxes. Each table had action at diffrent money levels and a sign up list for " who's got next". Hope that helps.


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i believe that new venue will full fill all expectations. However as PA is a old law state please hand the winner the winnings and not put it on the table, chair or other wise, if you do by technical laws the winnings are the property of the house, now very few places enforce it in this way but they could. card games are not allowed of any sort, eg, poker, 3 card monte and others of sort of game. there will be many on here who will be able to inform you on the underside but there will be a separate night entrance. I do not know if there will be a fee to enter or not in the past there was none after 9 PM. probably ask people on the other forum your questions as well
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