This game called billiard and you don’t need a cue


I remember playing this with my dad since I was a little child. I’m not as good as this guy but it’s similar to pocket billiard and we call it billiard also some countries call it Carom. Not sure if you guys know it or not so i decided to share



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My boss at one of my past companies was Indian and dropped a grand on a custom-made Carom table. It was beautiful, inlays and intricate designs across the playing field.

It took him four days to lay down the wax and polish so it was even playable.

He would beat me like a red-headed stepchild on that table. Fun game but just watching that video now was a little triggering...

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Back in the day we played “caroms” (with little sticks and donut-shaped “balls”) at the local playground. As I (sort of) recall, there wasn’t a lot of banking.



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There is also the Candian version called Crokinole.

Enjoy this shit...

That's pretty dope too, I've considered buying one of those boards for our game collection
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