This made me laugh so hard - I thought to share it so you can laugh too! Fluke of the year.


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Years ago I was in a tournament hill-hill match and the 9 ball was frozen to the rail about a foot from the side pocket. As I was shooting I was thinking how I wished I didn't have to shoot a frozen 9 ball that far up the rail on the case game. I missed at some point in the rack and was half relieved I didn't have to shoot that frozen 9 ball on a table with really tight pockets. Anyway, my opponent got straight on the seven and had to play to bank the 8 to the side pocket where the 9 was. You could guess what happened next. The 8 hit the tip and somehow went straight freaking down the rail and made that frozen 9 ball. I would give someone ten to one they couldn't make that shot shooting the cue into the tip with ball in hand! Doesn't even seem possible. Freaking 9-ball.


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Things happen in sports, and that's part of why we enjoy watching.

In golf, I saw footage of a guy who made a hole in one in golf when the golf ball, which would have missed the green entirely, took a favorable bounce off a spectator. Another time, Tiger Woods, at the Masters, hit the pin on one of his approach shots and the ball caromed so far off the pin it went into the water hazard. In baseball, a ball bounced off the head of the right fielder and over the fence for a home run. Crazy things happen in every sport, but in the end, you get your share of luck and so do your opponents.

Enjoy the ride. The ebbs and flows of both performance and luck in sport will continue to fascinate us all.


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Great shot! As a youngster I always applauded my opponent's flukes and acted like mine were deliberate. For awhile I worked on timed shots but was never very good at them. I always watched for a chance to roll a cue ball into the jaws and then have another ball roll on top of it. Even into a tight cluster and another ball on top. On the rare occasions it worked I never acknowledged the huge component of luck.

The shot above should have been and I hope was accepted with a nonchalance that indicated nothing to it!



The reaction on his opponent in the end is hilarious. Do not miss it guys - Watch how he looks at the 9ball then swings at the ball, tells you how he feels :D