Thoroughbred Tips Introduction Giveaway!!!


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Thoroughbred Tips hit the market this week and as an introduction to the market and to AZbilliards, I am giving away 1 free tip to the first ten people who reply to this thread. The only requirements are that participants like a medium soft to medium hit (that's what I'm sending) and they offer a review on this thread (good or bad).

Thoroughbred Tips background:

Richard Harris of Blue Grass Cues gave me the opportunity to develop a tip to replace Kamui as his standard tip on all cues. Richard required they must play well to be worthy of being put on his cues, they must hold chalk well, and they must be affordably priced. The tip I developed meets all three of those criteria and is priced at $10 per tip. Every single tip is tested for hardness using 3 separate tests and are then divided into 6 hardness groups (Very Soft, Soft, Medium Soft, Medium, Medium Hard and Hard) based on a Shore D Durometer scale. The tips are mainly made to fall between Soft and Medium Hard and when they test outside this range, I offer Very Soft and Hard.

For comparison, the Very Soft and Soft hit softer than a Kamui Brown Super Soft. The Medium hits slightly softer than a Kamui Brown Medium. For more information, you can visit the website at

Reviewers List:
1. Black-balled
2. Rimfirejunkie - shipped
3. Mike81 - shipped
4. Captainjko - shipped
5. Tony_in_MD - shipped
6. mattb - shipped
7. GideonF - shipped
8. radge69 - shipped
9. trophycue - shipped
10. Decent Dennis - shipped
11. Detroitfan0877 - shipped




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I am in...! And i would ask for 2 tips, buy one get one free, you know? Have many shafts...

Thanks for considering the board.


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I have set up an Azbilliards coupon for $10% off good for the entire month of August. At checkout, click on the coupon button and enter "Azbilliards10%".

I am in...! And i would ask for 2 tips, buy one get one free, you know? Have many shafts...

Thanks for considering the board.
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I'd love to try one! I am currently using Kamui soft tips on both my cues, I would like to compare.

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I've got one on my cue, and so far, I'm pretty impressed.

It's maybe just a tad softer than what I'm used to in a Kamui, but for the price, I'm not even mad about it. To me it's worth knowing that once I settle in on the hit I want, I know that's what I'm getting in the next one.

The one thing I've noticed most though, these things really hold chalk great!!! I noticed the different feel the very first time I chalked it. I should say that I'm a habitual overchalker. It's almost a part of my pre-shot routine. I have to consciously remind myself that I don't need to chalk as much. Just out of curiosity the other night, a few different times, I went 3-4 games without chalking at all. Zero miscues. This tip seriously plays awesome.

Now if I could just learn to play this stupid game!!! :D


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Too late for the discount. I received 2 medium hards in the mail yesterday. Thanks for getting them out so quick!


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i would like to try them and be willing to give a review
i play with g2 soft now