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"ESPN sucks and ruined me" CJ

"God i'm so happy today" Earl (just kidding buddy)

"I'm not posting anymore" JAM

"Fatboy is always prompt and on time" Wachez:sorry:

"I turn 21 next week and am running a marathon" Neil/Fatboy

"I love all the action in LA" Lou Figeroa

"Bonus Ball sucks" JA

"Nathan is my best friend ever" JCIN

more later, LOL all in good fun. so dont get mad at me!!!!!


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Im grate acction ~ Dippy
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"Appropriate alternative expressions for the phrase, 'the thing of it is...'." -JCIN

(Had to do it, Justin. :p :D )

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"It's the only real way Mom could express herself." Melody Bimstein, "Two Tooth" Sally's youngest daughter. :D


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In the Main Forum

By Johnnyt: "Awesome tournament by Vivian Villarreal. Will have nice designed T-Shirts for sale at the event or you can go to their website and purchase one for you or a friend. Don't wait until it's too late for you to sign up. You're gonna love it. BTW, there is a ton of added money and several events for you to play in.

My God, I think I'm going to take a couple of Advil and some mood enhancers and play in at least a couple of these sweet events.

Since it is in Hollywood Florida and I'm not getting any younger, I have to make this one.

Anyway, I'm tired of robbing those landscape workers and the painters.

I live just down the road and I've been whining about tournaments for a long time, I guess it's time I played in one.

Only thing is, if that JoeyA comes to it, I will have to hear about it on AZB for the next 10 years.





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Pool Lesson! :)

First I love giving lessons. Promoting the game. I Love making people better, helping them along with their game. I gave my first official paid lesson in 2013, I charged a modest $60 an hour. Now I had been actually teaching for years before that. I just had not charged anyone for it. My favorite early students were mostly girls. Most would come to me asking for help. I would help them with what ever I could. Some would even stay at my house while taking lessons. I put a few in tournaments. I gave quite few books and videos and even sometimes cues.

You say 200$ an hour for lessons. I like that. However that’s a bit low as a long-term goal. My current special on lessons is 150$ for two hours. First lesson gets you a free DVD. I actually can charge more but I don’t to actually have more students. My goal is to reach more people not make the most for myself.

Now I do get paid far more for presentations, clinics of trick shot shows. With the starting fee of $500, that’s me basically just showing up. It only goes up from there. I say the average client is a corporation. Their normal fee for a show is $1,200-1,600. They tend get the extras like video and posters made for the event so they get charged accordingly. Sometimes is many days so then the price goes up. Also flights and hotel are factors if they don’t book s those for me, they usually do book those for me. So then I don’t have to add those fees to a total on my end. The truth is that compared I’m not expensive or cheap just somewhere in the middle. Again my goal is to do reach more people promoting the game, not make the most money.

Now those are my rates now. They will only go up over time. For example, my first official trick shot show in 2011 linked below. I got only paid $200. I was so happy to work with so many great people my first show like Mike Massey and Stefano Pelinga they are such great ambassadors of the game. I try to be like them. So like them now I have products over 150 of them, cues, videos and much more. With prices ranging from $1’110 to only a few dollars. If you see me in person feel free to ask me any questions about the game or contact me online thru email. May all the rolls go your way.

"TAR gets Summers Eve as its primary sponsor" by JCIN

"US Open adds $100,000, all funds excrowed" by Barry Behrman

"Marrietta Billiards announces the Earl Strickland Invitational" by JA

"Shooting Arts and Fatboy come out, announce marriage" by Perez Hilton

"Spanish Mike announces entry into Pool, Poker and Pain" by Blair Thein

"Pool lesson special, $200/hour" by Mary Avina