tiger ultra-x vs ultra-x ld


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so what all has changed in the front end between the ultra-x and the ultra-x ld?

i remember reading they core with balsa wood for some length in the front end now. how long is the balsa core? a few inches? the length of the sahft?

also from the pictures i've seen, it looks like they reduced the length of the ferrule from 5/8" to somewhere around 1/4"?.

are they still having the tenon on the ferrule inserted into the shaft or is the ferrule slipped/screwed onto a tennon on the shaft now?


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the ultra-x ld has a balsa wood core. i'm not sure exactly how long the core is...definitely not the length of the shaft.

the original ultra-x originally had a ferrule around 5/8"....the newer ones are shorter at 1/2". the LD has a 1/4" ferrule.

the older x shafts had a one piece ferrule, with the tenon on the ferrule. the newer ones, the ferrule assembly is two pieces. a phenolic threaded rod that is threaded into the shaft. then the ferrule screwed onto that rod. both the ultra and ultra LD use that same setup.