Tiger X-Ultra LD review


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Put a 3/8x10 on my old McDermott D-4. The original shaft and the new Tiger both weighed in at 3.3oz. and had similar tips Onyx on the old shaft and Sniper on the new. Total weight of the cue is 18.7oz. The reduction in shaft whippiness is significant with the new Tiger. My acid test is table long, straight shots with stop and draw. Much better with the tiger. This shaft is a nice setup for lighter cues under 19oz. I also have a heavier 19.8oz cue, but I prefer the OB Classic on that one. I love the taper and finish on the Tiger and it is very easy to get used to as far as playability goes. I'd like to see some heavier laminated shafts become available for balancing out heavier cues.