Tip - what Flavor is everybody using these days


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Maybe I am in the minority, but I have always just used whatever the cues came with.
I’ve done that with inventory cues a zillion times. Or a cur I don’t intend on using as a full time player. Nothing wrong with that idea at all. Re-tipping every cue doesn’t make sense to me.



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My EP has original Moori brown medium tips and I’ve kept them on the cue to keep it all original.
Bill Grassley’s policy at Cornerstone Cues is I can trade it back for full value, assuming it’s condition
was still pristine, towards a different cue of equal or greater value. So I never changed the cue’s tips.
It is such a beautiful cue & plays so wonderful the thought of actually doing that seldom comes to mind.

All of my other cues use Kamui Black Clear in a soft hardness. IMO, a big improvement over Kamui
Black which I previously played in a medium hardness. The glazing issue with the KB tip that required
frequent scuffing was eliminated after I switched to Kamui Black Clear with a softer hardness. It really
helps to use the same tip on all of your cues for a consistent feel and delivery of your pool cue stroke.

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Currently have an Elk Master fitted on my snooker cue and an Elk Pro on my English pool cue. I'll be replacing both with ADR147 laminated tips in the near future.


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I am one of the people in the minority I guess. I do like the Kamui Black tips, specially in hard. They don’t mushroom and have been really consistent for me. YMMV

i have experimented with the Kamui soft and mediums, and I felt like they were too inconsistent.

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SIB cool blue soft lately for me. I used to like Everests but the newer ones I have now seem much harder than the stock I have from 10 years ago.


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I'm not sure how you can beat and Elkmaster. They play in soft and end up like a Triangle. Pretty damn good in my book.


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Hello ,

I had a new Triangle installed about a week ago , Not a very good one. The one that came off was really good. It played excellent were the new one is playing like a dud. I have used Kamui in the past but seemed to miscue alot toward the end of using them tho I will say that once wore down to that last leval it played excellent and really seemed to grab the ball . To me Kamui seemed to play better the more it wore down. But hate paying $35 for a tip , I have been looking at a Tiger Everest as I hear they are decent. What tip have you found to play like it should . I prefer a Medium tip .
Milkduds. Always milkduds. Price is cheap enough and they are very consistent from the time you install them to the time you replace them, they play great.


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I'm not sure how you can beat and Elkmaster. They play in soft and end up like a Triangle. Pretty damn good in my book.
They are just so annoying starting out. You have to slam a bunch of balls after initially installing them to properly compress them.


I am a "Sniper" tip fan for a very long time, however the other day I tried friends cue which has a navigator soft "Red colored layer tip" and boy it hits really well and I feel that pocketing balls is easier with it for some reason, maybe it doesn't throw balls as much.

Then I went on to install one in my secondary shaft. Now my secondary shaft is my playing-shaft, it really makes pocketing balls easier "I feel" maybe its in my head but man its a really good tip. I seriously now play with my secondary shaft because of it.

Navigator layer that is red, and its glow-area few layers are kind of a rainbow with different colors. What a beautiful easy-pocketing tip.


This is it, for anyone thats interested.



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Kamui are over priced and over rated........... SIB, G2, and Precision..................... I use SIB cool blue med on my stick


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I used to use elkmasters, then realized that they harden into triangles. So I switched to triangles. Basically the same same consistency from day one. I use pinoy shafts (predator vantage) btw lol. The world's best money players use them for a reason;)