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Made by Klapp

15oz butt
2 shafts, each 13 mm, 4 oz
big pin 3/8x10

I have not played pool in a long long time and do not plan to start soon with all my startups
so no need to keep cue as good as this one in case for much longer.

I bought it from Dan, played 10 min with it- and kept in case since then. I hope he does not mind me using his pictures

550 USD shipped, sent as gift or add 3%

email me at melnikovkk@gmail.com or mel_smog@yahoo.ca

No trades, I do not play anymore and have few more pool cues to keep for now. Too hard to sell others

Let me know if you have any questions





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Beautiful cue. So many people over work them with inlays and rings. Wouldn't want it any other way.