*True Monster cue...*Huge price drop....2016 Peoples choice and cue of the year for sale**


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Here are a few pictures of the 2016 peoples choice cue of the Year by Joe Pechauer.

It is for sale for $19,500.00 (was $29,550.00)

It is called the Sovereign

Included with this cue sale is the butt two matching shafts
and the matching joint protectors.

As should be expected this cue is absolutely in mint condition

Here is a link to his website with pictures


Please PM me if you are interested in this cue

Here is a list of what is in this cue.
The Joint protectors were made afterwards
so the total of the inlays are actually more

24 Authentic Diamonds = 2 carats
44 Snakewood inlays
287 Malachite inlays
200 Abalone inlays
275 Ivory inlays
48 Ebony inlays
32 Silver inlays

The joint on the cue and both shafts are Ivory as are the ferrules.
All white on the cue is Ivory.

There is just no way any pictures of this cue will do it justice.









Thanks for looking

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With 910 inlays this "cue" might be more "art" than cue and must weight a lot. You might be more successful at an art auction than trying to sell it on AZB, even if you did another huge price drop. Or get in touch with a major collector and see if he wants to trade a few name cues that you could actually sell.


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Priced to sell at $19,500.00
will split the cost over two months time for you
contact me and lets discuss it


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It’s a monster for sure. Beautiful. Good luck with the sale. There’s a buyer out there for something this nice.