Unique hand tooled leather case


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I happen to know the guy. Great cases, very nice tooling, prices are more than reasonable. I just spoke to him. That case would be $600 plus $55 shipping and he guarantees deliver in 7-10 business days. I had two cases by him and they were top quality.


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Nice case! Guys, this is 2022. The world is much smaller now and international shipping is just as safe as shipping to the next state over and doesn’t cost a whole lot more. I ship and receive international shipments all the time without issue. Very cool that we can get great items from artists and craftsmen from across the pond (volturi case and sawdust cues also come to mind).


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Just wanted to make a quick comment that this excellent custom case maker lives in Ukraine,
and that many AZers are thinking of him in this extremely troubling time.

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Hello would you want to trade for your case? I have a really nice 2x4 whitten black croc print pattern or whatever you want to call it. Pm me I can send you pics. If you're not interested thats cool. Just let me know thanks for your time and have a good day
Hi, still trying to trade off the whitten? PM me maybe we can do some trading.