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I looked for 2 years to find a really nice Verl Horn and finally found this rare 4 pointer in excellent condition. Then the cue I had always wanted an original Harvey Martin was offered to me and now I have too many cues. This is an original Verl Horn with 2 shafts 5/16x14 joint. Lots of inlays and perfect veneers. Butt is 29 inch 15.5 oz and shafts are 29 inch. 4.05 oz 13.06 mm and 4.20 oz and 13.02 mm. This is an all original condition that shows very little if any play. Price is 1800.00 shipped in U.S. Please ask any questions. These are getting quite rare and are super players cues.
Chris Schmidt Walla Walla WA


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