viking cue with mirrored inlays


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I have a viking cue with mirrored inlays. When this cue was played with the mirrors would break so viking stopped production of this cue. I can not find any info on this stick and i was wondering if anybody knew what the value might be on this stick.

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I can't help you on the value but could you post a picture of the cue. I am curious to see what this cue would look like.


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Viking has several models with the inlayed mirrors. Very cool looking. I've never heard of them breaking, though.


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Any chance you'll post pics? I know Viking has tried a lot of wild stuff over the years, but I've not seen mirrors before....


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viking pool cue.jpg

This is the pic of the cue sorry its from my cell phone. it is very similar to the vm13 but with mirrored inlays that have scrimshaw design on them. These mirror inlays are very different then the new ones. They are much larger and that is probably why they cracked. On this cue they are all in tact and the cue has only been shot with probably 5 times.

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I got that same cue - they stopped making that model as far as I know. I've been shooting with it for 3 years - no problems


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Viking has a variety of mirror inlayed cues. If you go to there website you might find the one you have. I saw a few at the BCA this past year pretty cool looking. I was a bit worried that the light reflection might be a distraction. I never thought about the mirror breaking but that does sound like a possibility..I colld not deal with 7 more years of bad pool playing, this 20 has been tough. The cues I saw were in the $400-$500 range. nice cues