Vollmer Silver Cocobolo Ebony 6 Pointer


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Hello everybody,
i have two beatiful Michael Vollmer cues for sale. (Single or together) VOLLMER the best custom cues from Europe.!!!
1.The left one: is SOLD wright now, !!

2.The right one:
6 Points veeners many ivory Inlays, the wrap is brand new mounted. (see the Pictures) This beautiful Vollmer is also in a very good condition.
The shaft have 12,8mm, ivory Ferule and the cue have 19,00 oz but its also change able. A very beautiful Vollmer cues, but look by your self the Pictures:
The shaft have 119gramm, 4,2 oz. And the but 445gramm, 15,75oz.
NO TRADES, both cues are only for sale... These cues are in Germany, outside Europe payment only with PayPal..
2900 dollars for the right cue. Only the right cue, the left one is SOLD.!


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The left Vollmer is SOLD for 2500 Dollars to Rene from Germany!
...now the Vollmer with lot of Ivory for sale. Beautiful cue :)

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To the OP:

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