waiting for Open -a BCN match on youtube


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gabesmom said:
For any thorsten/gabe fans, or just want a good match to watch....BCN has this on YouTube from 2004 Open. (they have some other great ones to watch - but of course this is one of my favorites :) )


Can't wait for this year's Open.

Thanks for the link! Great match. Yes BCN does have several good matches to watch. I hope they keep them coming!



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It's one of my fav matches, not just because gabe won that year, but because it also goes to show that with all of the power-hitting players that show up each year, which include all the 'favorites' as well as those 'underdogs', that anything can happen, and each year has it's own excitement. And Gabe's match against the classy pro Thorsten was a shocker. That doesn't just happen everyday.

I'm sure this year will not be any different for thrills and spills.

And who can forget last year's big story with Purdman & John. (But I'm happy gabe still got 3rd. :) )