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TRADE HAS BEEN MADE THANKS!!! Hello I collect knives and would like to trade a Ontario Ranger NS7 Night Stalker new in package for a sneaky pete. This knife retails for 99.00 so I understand the cue would not be a custom but one of the places I shoot pool at uses the old metal bridges and it has marked my cue up a couple of times. I bought a moose head bridge just needs a cue that I can put my bridge head on. The place I shoot at only has metal house cues. The knife is made from high carbon 5160 steel and Is black powder coated. It's 13 1/4" long with a 7 1/2" blade and 1/4" thick with micarta handles that can be removed this knife is made in the USA. It comes with a sheath that you can wear on your waist and has strap down holes. Again new in package never left the house just opened package to look at it. I will ship to you first and pay the shipping and you can then ship the cue to me and you pick up the shipping on it. The cue must have close to a 13mm shaft, thank you.


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