Weight of playing cue?


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Just bought a new used cue(Schon).Was told it's 19oz. So I started to play with it and it felt great.I have been playing for 25 yrs and have been rated an A player for many years. I had many cues but this cue was really balanced well.With that said I went to the post office and weighted the cue and it came out to be 18.7 which really surprised me.I got a weight bolt and made it 19.2 but it felt heavy.So I put the Aluminium bolt back in.
I know its what I feel I like but what is the advantage to a heavier cue. I just want to know if I am missing why all the pro's play with 19.5 to 20 oz cues?Help

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I think the balance point of the cue is far more important than what the actual weight happens to be.

You found a sweet cue- one that balances well for your style of play.

The fact that it was 0.2 oz (5.6 grams- less than the weight of 6 paper clips!) less than what you believed to be your 'ideal' weight previously should have no bearing.

Be happy with your (nice) Schon, and renew your personal specs to 18-3/4 oz from 19 oz, but ADD the balance point of the Schon to your list of personal specs.

For what it's worth, I was playing with a custom Joss East for a while, and really liked it. I removed the weight bolt all together, which made the cue lighter of course, but also moved the balance point further forward at the same time. it played much better for me in that configuration.

You should keep both factors in mind when looking at cue specs, as I think in the future (if you should ever need to replace the Schon) you will have a better idea of how a cue might feel to you once you play with it.