What is the best cue you ever played pool with?


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My current playing cue, a Gus Szamboti Hoppe cue with a Dennis Searing shaft. Moori soft tip.


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Wallybalazambushka. You can find them on the wall in your nearest bar/tavern/room. They even have #'s stamped on them to make selection easy. Whatta concept. ;)


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I’ve owned a lot of cues over the years. Some cheap and some upwards of $2k. There are 3 cues that immediately stand out to me. My 90’s joss cue that was a present from my mother, a sugartree that was simply amazing, and my current player which is a Mezz ec7 with wx700 shafts. I no longer have the sugartree but will get another one some day. I wouldn’t trade my joss for a szamboti but that’s because my mother is no longer here and the sentimental value is unmatchable. The Mezz I just love playing with. It feels and shoots great.


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Andy Gilbert: 20 oz., 19.5" balance point, 12.65 mm tip, Kamui black soft tip.


I've owned and played with a good handful of cues. Mostly production but a good number of customs. I typically play with my Cohen that I LOVE, however, my best hitting/playing cue is an older Steve Clap with a ~12mm old growth maple shaft of his. Wish I had an additional original shaft to go with it. ☹️
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Did I already answer?

My Diveney sneaky is the best cue I have ever owned. G10, wood to wood.

Honorable mention to Scruggs and phillippi sneaks I've been thru too, both with piloted joints.

None with wraps!


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i shot with a mcdermott for years and years, and now shoot with an ob. I have also tried a friends Multiple joss's. In my opinion, any quality made cue feels just fine and performs the same for me.


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To my recollection, I've hit with a Mottey, Wheeler, and Bender, and absolutely loved each of them. Though, none were ever mine, I did have extended time with them through many friendships over the years. I'd say these guys are up there and among cue maker royalty (with many others I haven't played with of course) and have earned the positive review.

I know there are mixed feelings about this guy on here, but, my favorite and most successful cue, which I still shoot with today, is a SLY cue, in it's original state, wood shaft, kamui clear black super soft. The SS tip still hits medium in my opinion.
I've had this cue for near a decade and I purchased it used from a pool room owner in Georgia who seemed very nice and reasonable. Currently I am playing with the Cuetec carbon shaft, 12.5, same tip. I screwed up, my joint is 3/8x10 modified, however, the shaft I've been playing with is a 3/8x10 reg. I'm not sure of the difference this makes, however, thinking of purchasing the 11.8 which I would get with the correct thread, then I could come back to let anyone interested know... My favorite aspects on the shaft are the taper and that it actually resembles the hit of my wooden shaft. On the butt, other than the look, it's slightly narrower than most I've played with which really fits my hand and the feel is great for me. Thinking of trying a Zan medium tip next which has been highly recommended to me.


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You meant pool cues!
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