What was the first cue you ever owned?


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My first was a 1970's Mali. Had it for 30 years, just recently sold it on ebay.



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First cue

My first cue my father gave me, No Name just a really nice carved butt and 11mm taper
The cue was stolen out of my car when I was 21 after being in my family for 27+:mad: years


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My first cue was an Orchid. I don't think I've seen any other Orchids. I named it, Cuebacca, and since I never use the cue anymore, I stole it's name as my screen name here. :D It is still seeing some use as a slightly warped house cue.

I also suggested a name for my friend's first cue, Pho Cue, after the Vietnamese beef noodle soup. The name stuck.

He recently gave me a Stealth brand cue to be used as a house cue, which I have named, Pho Cue II. :)

Unfortunately, I haven't named any other cues. :eek:


my 1st cue was a Philippine made cue, that was 10 yrs ago... now i have the Schon stl 8 w/ 314_2. and i still have my old cue.